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Top 7 Gym Designs That Will Get You More Customers

By Jacob Ogden

Whether you are launching a new fitness gym or expanding your existing one, there are a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to design. It is commonly believed that the layout and design of a gym is decided by the equipment, which is not true. There are many aspects that affect a gym's design and we will discuss them in detail in this article.

Why Is Your Gym's Design Important?

Being a gym owner, the main goal is to attract and retain your members in the ever-changing industry. Many factors affect the membership sales of your business but the most important factor is the gym's design and layout as it directly affects your members' experience while they work out.

The fitness industry is no longer a one-size-fits-all type of industry, members prefer having a more diverse-styled gym. Having a great design with the latest technology appeals to your members regardless of the niche.

Having a great gym design not only attracts members to your fitness centre it also helps in retaining your current members. Your gym's design will also depend on the type of gym you have, it can either be a Fitness gym or a Boxing or MMA gym.

7 Fitness Gym Designs to Motivate Your Members

We have provided a few tips that you can incorporate into your gym's design to help provide your members with the best customer experience.

Here is an overview of the points we will be covering:

Have a great lobby design

As soon as a visitor enters your gym the first thing they will experience is the gym's interior design, the atmosphere, and the environment. Here the reception area and lobby need to be considered from the design aspect. If your reception area is too dark or too bright it might make the potential member not come back for a second visit.

A reception area where members are greeted and welcomed warmly is necessary as it can motivate them and put them in a good mood. A great lobby can make the members want to visit the whole facility so that they can get an idea about the layout and design. A lobby is a place from where the journey of the member begins so having a well-designed lobby is necessary.

Example 1:

Lobby design for gyms

Example 2:

Gym lobby design

Pay attention to Locker Rooms

Gym owners do not realize this but having nicely designed locker rooms has a great effect on gym goers. After a tiring workout members retreat to their locker rooms to cool down and relax for a while. A locker room with a great design is what members prefer. The more creative you get with the design and layout the better customer experience you can provide to your members.

Providing a good shower space to your members is great as they do not need to feel cramped in a tiny shower. Another great option is to stock the shower rooms with a travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, which your members will appreciate a lot. Providing separate vanity spaces with lockers can also provide a great member experience.

Example 1:

Locker room design for gyms

Example 2:

Locker rooms for gym members

Create Visual Attractions

Visual attractions can be created in many ways such as using graphics, wall murals, LED lights, illuminated décor pieces etc. Graphics and wall murals uplift the mood of the overall area and add some depth and colour to your gym. This improves the members' experience a lot.

Using easy-to-apply adhesive stickers which either display a motivating quote or an image related to exercising and achieving your goals is an excellent way to renovate your space quickly and with lower costs. You can even use directional signs in the same format to guide your members without them having to go around and ask staff for directions.

You can utilize your flooring as a visual attraction by using different designs to make your members engage in activities. You can place steps with numbers on top of them so that your members can follow along on those steps. You can instruct your members to do a squat on each even number they step on.

Incorporating ladder or road designs and providing a heavy tyre at the start of the road so that your members can drag the tyre along the given path can help in building up members' strength.

Example 1:

Creating visual attraction in gyms

Example 2:

gym floor design and layout

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Use artwork and motivational phrases

Large images displayed in gyms have a great effect on your members. You can use images of people who have well-built bodies or motivational phrases as wall murals and prints. This way you can show your members what they can also achieve.

Using colours strategically is a great way for motivating your members and can make the space seem enlarged. Dull or dark colours can make your gym seem small whereas light colours help in opening up a space. You need to mix and match colours to enhance your gym's design.

It is not necessary that you use adhesive stickers or posters for displaying images or motivational quotes. You can incorporate 3D signs that go with your theme and brand. The signs that you will select or display will depend on the size of your gym and how you will be utilizing the space there.

Example 1:

Motivational quotes in gym

Example 2:

Boxing gym with motivational quote

Keep the design clean

As much as visuals are powerful for attracting your members, if not used correctly they can be the reason your members avoid your gym. Having a clean gym design means that visually the design does not bother your members.

If you use too many visuals such as images and motivational phrases paired with a lot of equipment scattered around the gym it can create a negative effect for your members. It may be tempting to fill all of the empty space you have with equipment but having open spaces can make your gym more preferable for your members.

Open spaces can also be used creatively to engage your members. As mentioned before you can use floor graphics so that the open and empty spaces can be utilized by your members. This makes exercising a fun activity for your members and will provide an overall great customer experience.

Example 1:

Designing gym using illumination

Example 2:

gym illuminated with lights

Illuminate your gym

Whether you want a quote or image displayed in the lobby or the locker rooms, adding the illumination factor will make your gym's design more attractive. It will appear more unique to your members. You just need to keep in mind the colours and theme while designing an illuminated sign for your gym.

If your sign perfectly matches your brand personality you should utilize it as an illuminated sign is more attention-grabbing. You can certainly create a more dynamic experience for your members if you leverage these ideas properly. This will not only improve your gym club's design but will also improve your members' experience.

The reason why people go to gyms to exercise is that they get more motivated by seeing other members striving to achieve their goals. Other than that the environment makes them want to achieve their goals as well. Displaying motivational quotes, especially with neon lights can be very appealing to your members and can motivate them further to achieve their targets.

Example 1:

illuminating gym using lights

Example 2:

gym design layout

Incorporate technology with design

As the world is advancing in technology every day, the health and fitness industry is no stranger to this advancement. There are various interactive technologies in the market that let you utilize your space more innovatively.

The fitness equipment at your facility is one thing but technology such as virtual assistants, fitness trackers, and other gadgets are now being utilized by gyms and fitness centres. Not only do these improve the overall gym's design, but they also engage your members. These technologies are best for members who want to track every part of their health and fitness journey.

This way you can modernize your gym and target an audience who wants to go to a gym with a more modern gym design. As not every person nowadays goes to gyms for bodybuilding, rather they prefer a more functional strength model with which they can approach their fitness goals.

Example 1:

Using VR for tracking members progress

Example 2:

gym with the latest equipment


Your gym's design and layout plays a significant role in motivating your members. Strategically planning your gym not only improves your gym's overall environment but also makes a pleasant customer experience for your members. A great design is like a great investment the more you invest in the layout and design of your gym the better it will pay you in the long run.

You can incorporate the 7 design tips we have discussed for your fitness gym and provide your members with a more productive and visually attractive gym which can improve their overall experience. This way, you can retain your existing members and gain new ones as well which will in turn increase your revenue.

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