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Top 10 MMA Gloves

By Nick Carter

The combat sports industry reached forefront of M&A news when the UFC was sold for an unprecedented $4bn to WME-IMG (‘Endeavor’) in the year 2016.

It was the year several believed that combat sports and MMA specifically, had finally cemented itself as mainstream entertainment. This was reflected in financial successes accrued off the back of stars such as Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, and Conor McGregor.

McGregor being the biggest pay per view draw in MMA history, headlining four of the six highest selling PPV events in UFC history. McGregor’s rematch with Nate Diaz in August 2016 held the previous record with an estimated 1.65m tuning in for the showdown.

Now the Irishman has helped smashed that again with a reported 2.4m purchasing the October 7 extravaganza in Las Vegas.

With the increase of mixed martial arts competition and various other outlets of exposure for the traditions of this industry, demand levels will likely increase in the coming years. There will also be higher demand levels for martial arts equipment to use at home. Here is a glance for your best bet to top selling sporting gears:

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MMA Fight Gloves

MMA Fight gloves are part of fighter’s core uniform and one of the most important item of MMA equipment. It’s crucial to invest in a superb pair of MMA gloves, which will repay you tenfold over time. With a special consideration to initiate grapples or intricate holds, these gloves are made to easier clinching and submission whilst still having hand protection. Here at RDXSports we have MMA gloves in a number of different sizes, colors and weights.

MMA Fight Gloves

Brand Size Material User Rating
F2 MMA Fight Gloves S/M/L/XL 100% authentic full grain cowhide leather  ratingiconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470
T7 Ego MMA Grappling Gloves S/M/L/XL Maya Hide Leather iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470
 X5 MMA Fight Gloves S/M/L/XL Neoprene fabric iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Medium rating_32507


MMA Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are Ideal for all stand up striking and grappling training. One of the most versatile gloves you can find on the market, MMA Sparring glove is great for mixed martial arts training with tough engineered microfiber material cover for remarkable durability. Here are different choices to select from while picking the best sparring gloves for a secure fit for training.


MMA Sparring Gloves

Brand Size Material User Rating
T2 Quest MMA Gloves S/M/L/XL 100% authentic full grain cowhide leather iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470
T8 Revenge X MMA Gloves S/M/L/XL 100% authentic full grain cowhide leather iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470
T9 Hearse MMA Gloves S/M/L/XL 100% authentic full grain cowhide leather iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470Medium rating
F15 Noir MMA Gloves S/L/XL ConvEX Skin Combat Leather iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470


MMA Training Gloves

Constructed with durable leather in a complex construction design that specifically protects the knuckles while training. We have customers (athletes) from all over the world who practice a wide range of disciplines and at all levels. That’s why our line of MMA training gloves features a variety of styles, designs, and sizes.

MMA Training Gloves

Brand Size Material User Rating
F12 Training MMA Gloves S/M/L/XL Maya Hide™ leather iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470
F3 MMA Gloves S/M/L/XL 100% authentic full grain cowhide leather iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470
J2 MMA Grappling Gloves Hand Circumference Maya Hide™ leather iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470iconfinder_Favourites_32470

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It’s high time to be in the business of martial arts. According to research, the martial arts industry has grown over the past five years, and is expected to continue to grow over the next several years. The growth is due in large part to a strong economy, increased spending on recreational activities and the rising popularity of mixed martial arts.

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