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Modern Technologies For Increased Customer Satisfaction

By Tracey Heinz

Digital technology has brought many changes into our lives. Where it has presented to the customers an array of choices, it has also transformed the concept of shopping altogether. Whether it’s freedom of choice that your customers are looking for or the seamless experience they yearn for, digital world has opened doors to possibilities that couldn’t be realized earlier.

At one end there are endless opportunities for customers, there are plenty of benefits for retailers and business owners too. Though there are numerous elements that can help businesses thrive, we will stick purely to customer experience in this feature.

The realm of customer experience is very vast, as it begins the moment your potential client enters your store till he makes the purchase. And this doesn’t end here. If you work hard enough to provide your customers with an extra-ordinary experience, your purchasers will be coming back to you.

But that would only happen if you customers are satisfied with what you are providing to them.

Most of the business owners often consider improving their customer experience so that they can achieve higher customer satisfaction. However, they are unsure how to being with it. Well thanks to technology, there are myriad of ways with which you can considerably increase customer satisfaction.

According to research conducted by Salesforce, 75% of customers look for an uncluttered shopping experience, while 87% of customers are of the view that businesses can do more to provide flawless purchasing.

With different technological advancements at your expense, all you have to do right now, is to equip your employees with the right tools and techniques so that you can provide your customers with the satisfaction level they are looking for.

Here are highlighted some significant tech developments that work specifically towards increasing customer satisfaction.

A For Automation


In an age when robots are taking over, it is highly recommended that you put things on autopilot and let the machines do their magic. By relying on automation, you and your employees can assign certain tasks and use your gray matter into something more constructive, as these assignments are automatically executed.

You don’t need to solely rely on automatic telephonic conversations. Consider using chatbots so that your customers are provided with instant solutions, helping them build trust. They can be used as a good replacement for customer service teams and come with the added feature of bogging down phone lines and email addresses. Hence you can improve your customer service responses three times by simply utilizing chatbots for the purpose.

However, your chatbots would only perform to the highest level if they have highest intelligence. For this you need to be on your toes, if you are really looking to satisfy your customers.

A Time For Machine Learning


You cannot provide optimal customer satisfaction unless you are not aware of what your customers are looking for. This cannot happen without you gathering relevant data. It can be a tedious task especially if you have a huge business. However, you can facilitate this process easily with the help of machine learning.

With the help of machine learning, we can transform our outlook about data. It also helps us communicate with our customers on a different level, by adhering to their needs and providing solutions to their problems. Having machine learning at your disposal, you can easily gather essential information from the positive experiences while comparing the obvious variations between negative and positive experiences.

If one of your customers comes across a negative impact, machine learning would gather the data and decide necessary steps to convert it into a positive experience.

You can also use machine learning to use the stored data about your customers to assess which employee can provide best services to a particular customer. Fishing out the best employee for a disgruntled customer can help you turn his perception around and help you reach the summit of customer satisfaction.

AI And Customer Satisfaction Go Hand In Hand


There is whole deal of science behind why a customer walks into you store. Figuring out the circumstances, preferences and wants that lead a particular client to visit a store and then make a purchase is an uphill task – which we commonly refer to as marketing.

With the help of AI this task can become quite convenient. AI can help you tap into your customer’s psychology and help you answer simple questions as to why he choose a particular product over others. The journey of the buyer that begins from visiting the retail store and ends in making the purchase can be influenced by many factors such as environment, desire or being exposed to greater choices. When customers are exposed to more choices, they can decide which product may ultimately fulfill their needs the most. In such situations, AI helps you to pinpoint the time when that change of thought occurs and the reason behind it. It answers questions like did the poor website experience lead to change of plans? Did new ads catch your customer’s eye? Was it the price of the product that kept the customer at bay for purchasing the products? With solid answers to these important questions, marketers can get integral insights and they can fine tune their messages accordingly.

The more AI translates the actions of your customers into meaningful points, the more marketers can streamline their messages that are sent to customers throughout their purchasing journey. This in turn leads to a high level of customer satisfaction from the start of their buying experience till the end.

The Many Benefits Of IoT


Increased knowledge about your customers’ preferences enables you to manufacture products and design campaigns that would increase sales. IoT is helpful in collecting crucial pieces of information such as the appearance of your customer to his age group and what kind of products does he use the Internet to search.

With the help of these useful insights, you can provide customized online experience to your customers based on their preferences and needs. This enables you to treat all customers like a family, by providing to them whatever they are looking for precisely.

End Note

Technology is moving at a fast pace and this year is no different. The good thing is that there are variety of ways that you can use technology to provide a new level of customer satisfaction for your customers.

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