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Common Causes Why Small Fitness Businesses Fail

By Tracey Heinz

Fitness industry is growing day by day. Many new investors are considering this as the perfect time to consider investing in this niche. If you have the right strategy and policies than you can derive huge benefits from this sector. However, if you are a bit negligent in steering yourself carefully against the odds, then your fitness business is definitely going to be turbulent and can result in failure.

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Most business owners start off fitness centers and gyms with great enthusiasm. However, soon their ambitions are embraced with disappointment as they are met with huge responsibility, which they fail to fulfill. Many people who start off with business centers wish they just focused on training. Most business owners consider it their fate and accept whatever that comes their way even in the form of big losses. But, you can turn your fate around conveniently by considering the root causes that make your business crumble down and then addressing these problems appropriately.

Not Actively Formulating Marketing Policies


Business owners can no longer rely on passive marketing tactics. Now isn’t the time when you simply place your ad in Yellow Pages and wait for customers to come to your doors. Marketing requires you to constantly gauge the level of effectiveness of your marketing strategies. If you are running an ad, then you can’t sit back and wait for it to bring results miraculously. It would require a lot of retrospective and hard work from you to see your ads bringing forth the results that you want.

Not Being Able To Target A Particular Audience


Even if you are selling something as basic as water, you cannot target everyone. Most fitness business owners, when questioned whom they are targeting specifically say that they are ready to provide their services to everyone. You should have a realistic point of view considering that everyone would not be your customer. And this can help you in many ways. Because you can't cater to everyone’s needs and demands. Therefore, it is imperative that you chalk out properly who your target audience is and then tailor your services to fulfill their needs accordingly.

Not Addressing Your Customer Problems


Fitness marketing is all about dealing with your customers’ self-image and psychology. Most of the times, people who visit your gym aren’t purely interested in the technical aspects of fitness. Rather they look for emotional support and want to be understood and motivated to work towards achieving their workout goals. If it was mere information that fitness enthusiasts were looking for, then people would solely rely on fitness books rather than turning to fitness trainers and gyms. The reason why people prefer gyms or training classes is because of the lack of drive and emotional connection. If someone endures a knee sprain in your gym, you can’t simply rely on providing technical information. Rather, you must provide relief, acknowledging that your customer is in pain and relate to it by expressing how it feels to have a sprain.

Not Realizing That Marketing Is The Real Boss


Marketing is not a mere part of business. It is your business. It is your real boss. It’s the projection of how you carry yourself and the business. Minute details from answering the phone to cleaning the gym to your customer service, is all in fact marketing. When you are going through all these processes, does your customer still consider staying in your gym? If they plan on staying, do they go to other people and talk about your business in a positive manner?

Simple things can affect your brand and ultimately your sales. If you take too long to respond to your client or speak to him in an unfriendly tone, then there is a high chance that you have lost a customer. Most of the times business owners reiterate on generating quick leads. However, they take forever to respond to them, which in fact makes them miss out on important customers.

Not Paying Proper Attention To Customer Service


If your fitness center is paying too much attention towards providing quality services, and sales and marketing but has hell-bound staff in customer service department, then you clearly have some issues understanding customer psyche. Not communicating to your angry customer in an effective manner or understanding his problem and taking all measures to eliminate it effectively can direct even the most loyal customer towards your competitors.

Running a business means that you satisfy your customers, even if it means you have to stand by their side during any problems they face. You simply can’t relax after you just sell to them. You make sure that what you sell properly addresses their needs.

Not Focusing On Specific Social Media Tools

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A lot of business owners end up signing up for too many social media platforms, without even knowing how they can benefit from them. Just simply registering to all of the social media forums won’t help your business grow.  Start with a few sites and then develop a strong web presence there. Sure, there would be a lot of advice such as that you should sign up for Yelp, but once you do that, you need to bring that account to life. Signing up won’t do you any good especially if you are unaware of its mechanism or are unable to take out time to make it work.

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End Note

Fitness marketing is a continued process that can’t be done in a few days. You need to patiently work your way towards getting across a consistent message to your customers. A positive engagement would always bring your customers back for more.

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