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RDX Sports New Distributor Partners Round Up - April 2023

By Matt Colt
RDX Sports

RDX Sports provides unmatchable quality combat sports and fitness gear to over 5000 partners across the globe. Offering gains with great margins and more, once you sign up with us, you’re Team RDX!

Here's to the distributors who joined Team RDX in April

RDX Sports is delighted to welcome aboard


1. Fighter Shop, Belarus

Fighter Shop BY

Fighter Shop is a specialized martial arts equipment store that offers high-quality goods from various leading manufacturers such as Venum, Royal Fight Gear, and Top King Boxing. They pride themselves on their direct cooperation with these global brands, which allows them to offer original and authentic products at reasonable prices.

The store is located in the Republic of Belarus and offers a wide range of goods for various martial arts disciplines such as Thai boxing, kickboxing, classic boxing, MMA, and more. Customers can find accessories, clothing, and other equipment on their website.


2. Action Sports, France

Action Sports

Action Sports provides a wide range of sports equipment for its customers, with a special focus on MMA products. They aim to make shopping for sports gear easy and convenient for their customers.


3. SupplyNow Wholesale, UK

SupplyNow Wholesale

SupplyNow Wholesale is a company that focuses on providing high-quality combat sports and fitness gear products at competitive prices. They also value fast delivery, excellent customer service, reliability, and loyalty to their customers. They prioritize the satisfaction of their clients and strive to deliver the best possible experience.


4. Falcon, Georgia

Falcon Georgia

Falcon Georgia is a company based in the city of Gori, Georgia that has been in business since 1998. They have a strong understanding of the local market and strive to make premium and quality brands available for retail and end-use. They offer a variety of products for their customers and prioritize accountability, fairness, experience, and professionalism in their business practices.


5. Kesmocan, Spain


Kesmocan is a purchasing and positioning center based in the Canary Islands that provides customers with the most in-demand sports products in the market. They offer products from major manufacturers at competitive prices while maintaining high standards of quality.

Kesmocan specializes in providing essential items such as rubber bands, jump ropes, and balls with a high turnover rate and frequent replacements, making it easier and cheaper for customers to get their hands on these products. The company prides itself on its commitment to serving the Canarian community and bringing the best products to the region.


6. Royal Traders Ltd., Canada 

Royal Traders Ltd. is a corporation based in Canada that distributes a range of products to their customers, including closet accessories such as clothes bars, hangers, and dividers, as well as combat sports and fitness equipment. They prioritize providing their customers with the best experience when buying from them.



We look forward to many years of successful partnership with mutual growth!



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